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  • Oakland Educational Article of the Month - House Mouse Prevention Tips: How to Keep House Mice Away

House Mouse Prevention Tips: How to Keep House Mice Away

It goes without saying that mice cause a lot of trouble sometimes. Who wants to have a mouse in his house which runs on the floor all the time and make everything dirty? There are a lot of diseases which come associated with Oakland mice as well, which can cause considerable harm to you and your family. Hence it is extremely essential that you prevent any mice from making your home their abode. Most of the people usually come across this issue after the mice have already occupied their house. However, the wise thing to do is to ensure that they do not even enter your house. Let us discuss the ways in which you can prevent the mice from entering your house.

Perform house repairs
Have you ever wondered that from where do these mice enter your house? Well, you might not know but there are some holes or openings left in your house which you are not aware of. These openings are generally formed themselves if your house is quite old. Moreover, severe damages can also lead to the creation of small holes in your house. The first task which you should do is to make sure that all of these holes and openings are sealed. This can be done by filling them with ceramic material. Once you are done with this, you will surely prevent a lot of unwanted creatures from entering your house. You should also consider strengthening the fences around your house. Most mice can enter your house because they can get through these fences. You should ensure that there are not any openings in the fences. In case you find any opening in it, you should immediately get it filled.

Keep your house clean
One of the simplest ways to protect your home from mice is to keep it always clean. Mice generally like to be in dirty places. This is the reason why we generally find mice in places where dirt has accumulated. In this regard, you should try to clean up your house every day. You should look for dirt in the corners and clean it. You must also look for hidden places in your house which might comprise of accumulated dirt. One of the important steps to take is to keep your dust bin away from the house. Most of the people generally keep their dust bins close their house, which attracts mice towards it. However, if the bin is placed at a considerable distance from your home, your house will surely remain safe from those dirty mice.

Keep plants outside your house
Did you know that mice are repelled by the smell of plants? Yes, this is the reason why plants are used as natural repellants in order to scare the mice away. You should consider setting up some pots of plants outside your house, especially close to the entrance. When the mice will try to enter your house, they will be repelled by the smell of these plants. One of the plants which is good at repelling the mice is mint.

Use peppermint oil to deter the mice
Peppermint oil is another natural deterrent which is good at making the Oakland mice go away. The smell of this oil is pretty good at scaring the mice; they simply hate it. This is why it is recommended that your soak some cotton buds in oil and place it close to all the entrances in your house. This is done to ensure that whenever mice come close to the entrance, they are immediately repelled by the strong smell of this peppermint oil.

Keep cats as pets
Everyone knows that mice are scared by cats because cats are always ready to eat them up. This is why it is recommended that you keep cats as pets. These cats will not only act as your pets, they will also act as guards which would protect your house from all the dirty mice out there. If you have a cat in your house, mice will surely get frightened and will run in. Even if any mice make their way into your house, your cat will not waste a moment and eliminate them right away. Can there be a simpler method to protect your house? Surely now. Do not keep your food in open You should never keep food openly in your house. You must put it in refrigerator or pack it in boxes. One of the favorite places for mice is where there is a lot of food. Many people leave food openly in their house, due to which a lot of mice are attracted towards their house. You should always clean up your house in a manner that no food particles or items remain openly in your house at any time.

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