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  • Oakland Educational Article of the Month - How to remove a wild animal in the chimney

How to remove a wild animal in the chimney

Living in chimneys is a common practice for the Oakland wild animals. Sometimes the accidently fell down in the chimneys while merely exploring. These animals get straight in to the house if damper is found open. A chimney seems to be a hollow tree therefore such wild creatures wish to make home there. Different type of animals used to live in the chimneys like raccoons, squirrels, snakes, bats as all of them are good climbers. It is a common misconception that wild animals fell down in the chimneys accidently but this is not true. Animals do have reasons while they enter the chimneys. Let us discuss how to remove some wild animals from the chimneys.

How to get a raccoon out of chimney:
Raccoons are one of the few animals that can not only get into the chimneys but also get out of the chimney in the same way; they are good climbers. They find it a safe place to stay especially the mother raccoon. It used to give birth and raise its babies at such protected places. Experts of professional wildlife removal use different techniques and special trapping system that goes directly to the top of the chimney. In order to force an adult raccoon up and out and then into the trap, some people special pole and trap system. The young raccoons stuck above the fireplace damper are taken out through mirror and snare removal and hand removal. It’s not only difficult but dangerous too to remove the little one when the mother is still inside the chimney as she might attack on you. You can also remove the young one when mom is out foraging and then seal the chimney with a steel cap. You may also trap the mother raccoon in a cage on the ground near its climbing point or on the roof and then remove the babies. But keep in mind not to lit fire as firstly, it is inhumane to torch a living animal and secondly, the scared raccoon may jump in to the house.

How to get a squirrel out of chimney:
It’s amazing that squirrels have no problem in getting in and out whether it’s stone, brick, or mortar chimney. The squirrel can get stuck in the bottom if there is slick metal tube flu. In such a case, you can let it out via damper and into the fireplace or you may lower a thick rope down the flu to let the squirrel climb up and get out of the chimney. Under any circumstances, never start a fire; this will cook the squirrel and the baby squirrels and the adult squirrel may jump into the house through open damper. It is not so difficult for a squirrel to be trapped in the chimney; trapped in a manner that it cannot get out climbing back after falling through. Usually the squirrels get into the chimneys for the reason to get secure especially from the hardships of weather. It is important that squirrels are lot more dangerous in the chimneys than anywhere else in the house. Squirrels take the chimneys of your home as a hollow tree that is perfect to live especially get warm in winter. The actual problem with the squirrels is that they cannot get out of the chimney themselves because of the walls inside the chimney. Helping her with a rope is the best idea; even an injured squirrel can manage to get out through the rope.

How to get birds out of chimney:
Hearing the birds in your Oakland chimney is said to be safe in a sense that they are stuck now. Let’s discuss the easiest way to capture the bird that has stuck in the chimney. First of all shut the door of fireplace. If there does not exist any door, manage some temporary doors. The damper will remain open to allow the bird to drop down easily into the fireplace. Now the bird is in the fireplace; slowly open the door and swiftly toss a piece of cloth over the bird. When you will cover the bird with the help of cloth, it will calm down and then you can easily catch the bird and let it fly in the open air. As s precaution you may take help of your friends. Have them stand near the fireplace behind you with a bed sheet in their hands. The reason is if the bird cannot be captured in the fireplace and tries to make an escape in the interior of the home, it will be captured through that bed sheet. If the bird becomes the part of interior, turn off the lights and open all possible doors and windows. Take a long stick or broom to let it fly towards exit. But don’t exhaust the bird so that it become unable to fly.

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